Thursday, June 29, 2017

FLOTUS Phone Flap - Why is OBAMA sending DICK PICS to MELANIA?!?

Obama and Trump are both furious that multiple photographs of President Obama's engorged member have been appearing on the current first lady's cellular device.

This crotch caper is the apparent result of the former president's aides substituting Melania's number for Michelle's, as Obama continued using the nickname "FLOTUS" for his wife after leaving office. Current FLOTUS failed to inform Obama of the mix up; Obama only learning of the snafu after inquiring as to why Michelle was being so prude (she usually is quick to reply with her own naughty messages).

Image result for Melania looking at phone
We all know President Obama is a prolific texter of cock-shots, but, unlike Crooked Hilary collaborator Anthony Wiener, has until now refrained from sending them to anyone but his wife. 

WH Staffers reported lady's laughter, followed by sounds an old man screaming and crying. It's unclear if the two stories are related. Melania has refused to remove her over-sized sunglasses for the last 27 hours, leading many to speculate she recently got LASIK. 

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